In the era of increasing digital inclusion, understanding the usability of your products and services is crucial. Catering to the diverse needs of people with disabilities is not only a legal obligation but also a potential market opportunity. Our usability research and testing service invites input and insights from a global community of over 500+ individuals with disabilities. Through their valuable insights, we help you design and build products and services that are truly inclusive and accessible, keeping in mind the intersectionality of identities.

Usability Testing Services

Involve our panel of diverse users in your product development lifecycle for holistic improvement. We provide usability testing during all stages of development and post-production, ensuring your offerings are not just compliant, but truly user-friendly for everyone. Be it websites, apps, digital products, or physical products, our users with various disabilities will provide you with unique perspectives and actionable insights.

Interactive Consultation Sessions

Benefit from engaging, interactive consultation sessions with our expert user panel. Gain a nuanced understanding of how different individuals interact with your offerings and use these insights to improve accessibility and usability.

Intersectionality Insights

Discover the importance of intersectionality as you hear from and learn from individuals who represent multiple identities in our community. This will ensure your services and products cater to a broader audience, capturing the diversity of experiences in the disability community.

Reports and Follow-ups

Get detailed reports of our findings and insights that can be directly applied to improve your offerings. We don't just stop at delivering reports; we continuously follow up through regular usability assessments to ensure these insights are being implemented effectively, leading to ongoing improvements and sustainable accessibility solutions.

Usability Strategy Development

Let us work with you to create a long-term strategy for your usability needs, ensuring your products and services are designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind from the very beginning.

Next steps

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