The I-Stem app, available as a web service and an Android app, uses the latest advancements in technology to help enhance access for people who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print disabled. using a combination of quick OCR and document accessibility features, as well as learning resources to create awareness about assistive technology and the latest in accessibility, our goal is to provide equal access to information, resources and opportunities to all.

Quick OCR (available on Android app only)

The quick OCR feature intends to provide instantaneous access to printed, handwritten or otherwise inaccessible digital content. Use our guided capture technology to align the document for best results and then hold steady for the system to automatically take a picture. Within seconds, hear the recognized content using your screen reader. You can also upload or share your documents from other third-party apps on your device. With support for 60+ languages, this feature is ideal to access simple documents instantaneously. Unlike our document accessibility services, this does not retain document layout.

Document accessibility

Use our award-winning document accessibility technology to convert academic, professional or other complex documents into accessible and usable formats within minutes. With support for tables, links, lists, STEM content and other semantic information, this service optimizes for document quality and retention of formatting and layout. Upload or share images or inaccessible PDF documents to be converted into accessible HTML and word documents upto 50 MB in file size.

Audio/video accessibility

Get video transcripts, text within videos or both. This currently does not support layout or formatting retention and extracts plain text along with the timestamp. Upload videos of upto 100 MB.

Learning resources

Learn about assistive technologies, various career opportunities and accessibility considerations therein and step-by-step guidance on using various popular apps with assistive technologies.

Community services (currently available on the web version only)

Open to all people with disabilities, join I-Stem's community and connect with mentors and corporate partners. You can also enroll for our technical training and fellowship programs during open enrollment periods.


I-Stem's services are free for individual non-commercial and non-institutional use. Upon registration, you receive 2,500 credits which equate to conversion of 2,500 pages or approximately 7 video hours. Should you require more credits, you can request by sending us an email at info@inclusivestem.org. Your request should be accompanied with a legitimate reason.


Both the web platform and the mobile app are designed to be completely accessible and usable by people with disabilities, and are thoroughly tested with various assistive technologies. Settings such as dark mode and themes provided additional flexibility. However, should you have any concerns, please reach out to us at info@inclusivestem.org.


Our technology is powered by AI which is not 100% accurate but is constantly learning and improving. Your feedback is very important to us to improve your experience and recognition results. Please provide your feedback to us through the feedback flow in the app and on the web portal. You can also write to us at info@inclusivestem.org.