IIT Delhi

Case Study

IIT Delhi


I-Stem is an edtech accessibility company that provides AI-powered accessibility solutions to academic institutes and businesses to empower their students and employees with disabilities while also creating a culture of inclusion on their campuses. Our services include:

  • Document accessibility services: Conversion of inaccessible content (i.e. content incompatible with assistive technologies commonly used by people with print disabilities including people who are blind or low vision) into accessible and usable formats through our AI engine followed by remediation by our in-house document accessibility specialists guaranteeing 100% accurate documents.
  • Assistive technology training: for students and staff with disabilities by effectively using various assistive technologies.
  • Assistive technology training: Training for students and staff on effective use of assistive technologies in schools and at workplaces.
  • Web and mobile accessibility: Audit, guidance and remediation on enhancing the accessibility of digital assets and platforms (websites, mobile apps, learning management systems etc.).

Pilot details

I-Stem conducted a pilot with Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, one of the Twenty Three IITs established to be Centres of Excellence for training, research and development in science, engineering and technology in the country. The pilot was conducted with their Office of Accessible Education (OAE). The office aspires to cater to the needs of students with disabilities at the institute and aims at providing a comprehensive and accessible environment to make their journey at IIT Delhi comfortable and hassle-free. The pilot included end-to-end document accessibility remediation for 150 pages of varied content (math content, content containing tables, images, multiple columns) with support for various output formats such as HTML, docx etc.

Feedback was sought from the OAE and students with disabilities which helped improve I-Stem tech and remediation processes. The pilot resulted in a long-term annual contract with the university to convert content for their students with disabilities for the semester starting fall 2021 and a semester-long accessible course on introduction to programming for the students with disabilities not only introducing them to fundamentals of programming, but also teaching the hacks to code using different methods as a person with a disability using the assistive technologies.


“Thankyou team I-Stem for extending the support for the students at IIT Delhi, it has been a very fruitful learning experience for our students and also for us to work with the team . The study material in accessible digital format and the technical training course have been a real help to our students with visual impairment.

I-stem has helped enhancing skill set for students with disability and realizing their potential achieve success in life. Thank you team I- stem we seek for more engagement and support for our students in future."

-Amrita Arora, Consultant Coordinator, Office of Accessible Education, IIT Delhi.