There is an increased digitalization of content post the pandemic, but unfortunately, much of the content continues to be inaccessible for people with disabilities. I-Stem's automated content accessibility solutions helps integrate your content management systems with our technology to help people with disabilities access content in a variety of accessible formats at the click of a button. We also provide end-to-end remediation services, an AI-powered remediation editor for in-house remediation, and consultation and strategy for accessible content creation including in marketing campaigns, websites, promotional material etc. Basically, no matter the purpose or the use case (document accessibility for students or employees with disabilities, enhancing efficiency of remediation processes, or content accessibility with marketing or promotional material), we have a solution.

Automated content accessibility

License our award-winning AI-powered document accessibility technology to help your students or employees convert inaccessible content into accessible formats in a matter of minutes. We are also happy to work with you to explore integration options with your learning management system (LMS) or content management system (CMS).

Content remediation services

Outsource your content accessibility needs to our team of document accessibility specialists. This includes working with content such as textbooks, handouts, annual reports, user manuals, training manuals, sales brochures and pamphlets, application forms as well as highly technical content such as STEM content. We can provide accessible and tagged PDF documents as well as documents in a wide variety of alternative formats such as HTML, docx, EPUB etc. Our image descriptionists can also work with you to describe domain-specific images and include in alt text or other long descriptions. We are known for our high quality, low turnaround time and low cost.

Remediation portal

Use our intelligent remediation portal that combines our AI technology with an intuitive and easy-to-use editor to enhance your in-house remediation for your disability office.

Content accessibility strategy

We can work with you to develop a strategy for your content accessibility needs either for your students/employees as an accommodation or for your users or customers with disabilities.

Social media and marketing accessibility

Tap into the disability community and demonstrate your brand's commitment to inclusion through accessible marketing collateral and strategies. Work with our accessibility and marketing experts to include everyone in your marketing and outreach initiatives and plans.

Next steps

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your accessibility needs and explore how we can help.