I-Stem Confluence 2022

Registrations open on 1st October.

I-Stem Confluence 2022 images from the main event and app launch

Do you want to learn more about digital accessibility? Do you want to start or further enhance your inclusion programs? Do you want to connect with high-potential people with disabilities and consider them for hiring opportunities? Do you want to sensitize your employees through hands-on activities working with people with disabilities?


The past five years saw a group of passionate students and industry professionals (both people with and without disabilities) come together for the Inclusive Stem Confluence. The event consisted of a hackathon that challenged people with and without disabilities to develop meaningful technical solutions together in 24 Hrs. while also developing empathy for each other, a series of workshops and trainings, roundtable discussions, and career fair for people with disabilities. The aim of the event was to sensitize industry professionals and change the wider company mindset on the functioning and efficiency of people with disabilities, while also allowing the participants with disabilities an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. The event led to several year-round initiatives including technical trainings, mentorship, recruitment activities etc.

The five events saw more than 350 participants with disabilities, students without disabilities from ten universities and corporate professionals from eleven companies participate. The event led to a group of universities coming together to share best practices on inclusion on their campus, companies sharing more about their programs, employees being sensitized, people with disabilities upskilling and receiving mentorship, and positive employment opportunities for many.

Inclusive Stem Confluence 2022

With success of the past five year, we are excited to bring back a better, bigger and in-person Inclusive Stem Confluence 2022. The event will focus on three crucial themes-digital accessibility, inclusive hiring and assistive technologies.


2nd and 3rd December 2022


Bengaluru, India

The Details

This year’s event will include the launch of I-Stem offerings, workshops and training programs, networking within the community and with employer partners, sensitization sessions, a fellowship program and an ideathon/hackathon.

The launch

I-Stem will be launching our services to connect with our community throughout the year and we would love for you to join us.

Workshops and Training Programs

This year as part of the Inclusive Stem Confluence, we will be organizing a series of workshops, training and discussions on digital accessibility, inclusive hiring and assistive technology in the global south. Learn from accessibility and D&I experts, other companies, researchers, universities and government departments about their work and initiatives. There will also be role-specific sessions for developers, designers, policy and compliance managers among others.


One of the key feedback from our previous events is the strong community participants have found at the event. Our employer partners have also found interactions with our community most rewarding, often resulting in hiring opportunities. Given this, networking both within the community and with our employer partners will be a key component of the confluence.


Help your employees learn more about assistive technologies and disabilities in general through our hands-on sensitization programs.


Connect with high-potential people with disabilities selected from across the country.


Hack with participants with disabilities, form connections, build awesome technology and develop empathy in the process.