Ashoka University

Case Study

Ashoka University


I-Stem is an edtech accessibility company that provides AI-powered accessibility solutions to academic institutes and businesses to empower their students and employees with disabilities while also creating a culture of inclusion on their campuses. Our services include:

  • Document accessibility services: Conversion of inaccessible content (i.e. content incompatible with assistive technologies commonly used by people with print disabilities including people who are blind or low vision) into accessible and usable formats through our AI engine followed by remediation by our in-house document accessibility specialists guaranteeing 100% accurate documents.
  • Assistive technology training: Training for students and staff on effective use of assistive technologies in schools and at workplaces.
  • Web and mobile accessibility: Audit, guidance and remediation on enhancing the accessibility of digital assets and platforms (websites, mobile apps, learning management systems etc.).

Pilot details

I-Stem conducted a pilot with Ashoka University, a liberal arts and science university based in Sonipat, Haryana. the pilot was conducted with their Office of Learning Support (OLS) which is committed to providing services to all students with disabilities across the university to help them thrive, besides creating awareness about accessibility on the campus. the pilot included the following services.

  • End-to-end document accessibility remediation for 150 pages of varied content (math content, content containing tables, images, multiple columns) with support for various output formats such as HTML, docx etc.
  • An audit of Ashoka's web application forms with recommendations and hands-on guidance

Feedback was sought from the OLS and students with disabilities which helped improve I-Stem tech and remediation processes. The pilot resulted in a long-term annual contract with the university to convert content for their students with disabilities for the semester starting fall 2021.


"Accessibility of the academic content for our students has been one of the most important areas of work for us, the Office of Learning Support at Ashoka University. We had been constantly looking for a sustainable solution for the same, and thus when the I-Stem team approached us to pilot this project with us, we didn’t think twice and signed up for it immediately. Since we were keen to make our University Application Forms accessible too, the team readily accepted our request and collaborated with the concerned departments to create the workflow, engage through several meetings, and finally deliver as per the requirement. I see this collaboration as a win-win for both parties. While the I-stem team got to test out and refine their solutions, the university gained by learning about the process and integrating accessibility at the design stage for future processing of critical documents and Forms. We now look forward to a long-term partnership with I-stem with the recently signed yearly contract with them.

With such dedication and professional approach, I’m sure the I-stem team will one day change the landscape of academic content creation and raise accessibility standards in our country as well as globally."

-Reena Gupta, Director, Office of Learning Support, Ashoka University