State-of-the-art AI services to provide high quality accessible documents for people with print disabilities (blind, low vision and students with certain other learning disabilities)

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What are the input formats?

PDF and image formats (JPEG, GIF, GIF, TIFF etc.) under 50 mb.

What are the special features?
  • Support for heavy math documents.
  • Handle two-columns, headings, tables, lists etc. for non-math documents.
  • You can create and use optional tags during the conversion process which help you to organize your files better. Think of them as folders.
What are the output formats?
  • HTML, docx, txt and MP3 for non-math content
  • HTML and docx for math content
What are the known limitations?

Currently supports only English language. Other languages will be supported soon.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with the results?

In case of recognition failures or unsatisfactory results, you can escalate your document for manual remediation.

For any questions/concerns, email us at