High quality AI-powered automated captions and text extraction from audio/videos

Audio Video captioning illustration



What service options are available?

Captions, text extraction or both

What are the input formats?

An audio/video (MP3, MP4, WAV etc.) under 200MB.

What are the special features?
  • In case of captions, you can optionally train a custom model if your audio/video contains domain-specific content (e.g., in case of specialized courses such as Indian History, Biology etc.) by uploading relevant content (e.g. textbook). This will produce better captions.
  • You can create and use optional tags during the conversion process which help you to organize your files better. Think of them as folders. You can extract visual content(text) from video. E.g if a professor is sharinga slidedeck.
What are the output formats?
  • Output format for captions: SRT or TXT
  • Output format for text extraction from videos: TXT
  • Output format for both: zip file containing both the outputs
What can I do if I am not satisfied with the results?

In case of recognition failures or unsatisfactory results, you can escalate your audio/video for manual remediation.

For any questions/concerns, email us at