Helping organizations to become more accessible and inclusive

Image of the co-founder - Kartik Sawhney and a blind person accessing I-Stem programs

Our Vision

Technology has the potential to level the playing field for people with disabilities.

Yet, websites, mobile apps and online content continue to be inaccessible and incompatible with assistive technologies.

We are on a mission to help people with disabilities access these resources and content on an equal basis, and help organizations become more inclusive.


National Geographic Society

Select customers

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Dept. of Services for the Blind, Washington State Government
Ashoka University

Select partners and supporters

Morgan Stanley
Stanford StartX

Enterprise services

Accessibility testing and remediation

SaaS platform providing continuous accessibility feedback about your digital collateral such as websites, apps, documents and social media/marketing

Ensures conformance with WCAG 2.0/2.1, Section 508 and ADA

VPAT audit and VPAT creation

Intuitive and thorough remediation feedback

Consultation sessions and trainings for developers

Usability feedback from people with disabilities

Test your webpage for accessibility

Content accessibility

Remediate documents for your customers, students or employees with disabilities

Support for a wide variety of document types and domains including STEM content, multi-column layouts, complex tables, images etc.

Fast turnaround time and cost-effective

Accessible documents in line with international standards (PDF/UA, Epub etc.) with custom requirements when provided

Content remediation team with people with disabilities and those with substantial experience in document accessibility

Document remediation reports and accessible authoring guidance so that documents can be born accessible

Usability research and testing

Leverage a global, diverse community of 500+ individuals with disabilities for unique insights

Usability testing throughout development lifecycle for continuous improvement>

Engaging, interactive consultation sessions with our expert panel for nuanced understanding

Learn from intersectional identities represented in our community

Detailed report and findings with actionable insights

Continuous follow-up for ongoing improvements and sustainable accessibility solutions

Inclusive hiring

Access to high potential students and professionals with disabilities

Ready for high-growth positions such as software engineering, IT, data science, finance etc.

Graduates from top tech and B-schools across the country

Onboarding support and mentorship

Our promise

Compliant and delightful experiences for clients with disabilities

Efficient services for students or employees with disabilities

Accessibility partner throughout the journey

Reliable and thorough based on several decade's of accessibility experience and lived experience as people with disabilities

About I-Stem

Founded by people with disabilities with lived experience and decade's of accessibility, engineering and AI experience, I-Stem strongly believes in the power of technology and community to create equitable experiences and opportunities for all. Through our range of individual and enterprise products, services and initiatives, we seek to empower people with disabilities and support organizations in better catering to their students, employees or customers with disabilities.

We’re Hiring

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